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星泽激光科技有限公司是 益新集团 旗下的分公司,专业提供激光纹理加工。自2014年成立以来,星泽激光通过具有竞争力的价格及高品质的纹理,已成为中国最大的模具激光加工商之一。我们已经在纹理行业工作了三十多年并在化学蚀刻领域积累了专业知识和经验,现增加激光纹理加工也加强了该集团的技术范围,以满足客户的最高的纹理要求。

At Starlink we provide all-in-one solution from design to production.  Whether you have texture ideas or drawings, our team is committed to turn ideas to reality and making sure our clients are satisfied throughout the development process.  In order to execute the best textures with precision, Starlink uses top of the line 5-axis laser machines from GF Agiecharmilles (Switzerland) for laser application.

在汽车,电子,医疗等领域,激光为我们的客户提供前所未有的设计自由,并允许精确的纹理输出。 Learn More.